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23rd April 14

RIP Frank Harrison Headteacher from 1976 - 1982


It was with great sadness that that we heard last weekend of the sad passing of Mr Frank Harrison, the second Headteacher of Leyland St Mary’s.  Frank was totally devoted to the school during his time here as teacher and Headteacher and his interest and passion for the school and the children and wider community which it serves continued long after his retirement.  This support was never more evident than on Tuesday 3rd September 2013 when St Mary’s Church was filled to capacity with colleagues, pupils and parents past and present.  Frank and his wife joined us that day and spoke of his pride in the school community and his confidence that we would come through the challenges that lay ahead.

As we look forward to our new buildings and a brighter future for Leyland St Mary’s we will make sure that we remember the people who have gone before us and who will be watching our progress and development from a better place.


Franks’s Funeral will be at St Mary’s Church, Broadfield Drive on  Wednesday 9th April at 12:15. 


Miss K McNicholas


Leyland St Mary’s Catholic High School

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Important Message

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Michael Wright and all at St Augustine's RC High School.

I am sure everyone will draw strength from the incredible show of support at Tuesday's Mass.

Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

Andy Smith Headteacher Saint Aidan's

You have the prayers and best wishes of all the staff and students of Saint Aidan’s CE Technology College in Preesall. We can only imagine how difficult it must be for the school community at this time – please be assured of our support if there is any way in which we can help.

Pupils and Staff at Hope Academy

Our prayers are with you all.
Please let us know if we can be of any support

Stacey Cross

The school may be wounded, but out of the rubble will come much stronger and determined children and staff, the spirit and pride for St Mary's will rise and be strong once more, and will not be beaten xxx

Gemma Boys

Reading comments from people sharing memories and love for Leyland St Mary's has been so moving - it makes me feel that we are well equipped to overcome and rise again! God bless you L.S.M.... It is down to us all now to raise it up in Faith, Hope and Love.

Jeanette Wilson

Down but not out we will be back much better and stronger!

Alicia Moreno

My prayers and thoughts are with you and will always be. You will pull through. From Argentona in Spain, my heart goes out to you and offer my support.

Ian Bruce

LSM holds such amazing memories for me. It is an inspirational place and it truly changed me and the experiences there directed my life towards where I am now.

The spirit and memories are still there, they exist in the spirit of the school, just as a human spirit, the spirit is something that will life on long after the school ceases to exist. BUT the school hasn’t ceased, the bricks and mortar are simply the physical form of that spirit and that changes as we all do. Humans grow older, buildings are rebuilt as St Mary’s will be and it will be stronger and better than ever before. Many thousands of pupils to come will continue to add their memories to the enduring spirit of the school community, a Christian spirit that welcomes all and outlasts all else.

My prayers are with the SLT and governors that they have the vision and God guides them and gives them the strength they need at this difficult time. Pupils and staff rest assured that this experience will just make you stronger, don’t let it dishearten you. My thoughts are with you all.

Phil Dawson

After the shock and devastation of Sunday, there also comes an appreciation of the temporary nature of this huge setback. We know that the bricks and mortar are merely the outer shell of the school - what has not not been destroyed is the real essence of what makes a school community. Like the proverbial Phoenix, this spirit and ethos will rise from the ashes and the school will be complete once again.

Win Claber

'As a retired teacher with teachers in the family, my reaction to the fire at the week-end is great sadness. All the work lost and expectations of the pupils shattered at the start of the new academic year . I will remember you and your community in my prayers; that your faith and solidarity will sustain you in the tremendous work you have to do to re-establish your school. Regards'.

Year 9 Parent

We pray for God’s hand to direct the education authority in ensuring that Miss McNicholas and her exceptional staff have everything they need to continue the fantastic job they are doing. We have no doubt Leyland St Mary's is rising from the ashes and pledge our heartfelt prayers and support for all those working so hard to maintain this exceptional school family xx forever bringing praise to his name, God Bless St Mary's School Leyland xx

Heather McWha

As a former pupil at St Mary's, my heart goes out to all staff and present pupils. The best years of my life to date came from this school. I never thought I'd see the day that the school would be partially gone. I know with the help of the community, St Mary's will be stronger than ever and even though the buildings may have gone, the memories will stay forever. Stay strong and keep the spirit high.

The Heaton Family

Having had 2 sons go to Leyland St Marys and one about to go into year 11, our whole family has been so shaken by the awful events of Sunday. It goes without saying that our thoughts and prayers are with everyone connected with the school, the community and the parish. The strength and solidarity already shown by everyone shows how strong a family is around the school and we pray that these events can be put behind us and we can all look to a brighter future


We are all ready and waiting to help in any way we can. Our prayers and thoughts are with all the staff and pupils at this time. Special Thanks to the Fire brigade for fighting so hard to help keep our School x

Russ, Caroline and Abigail Waring.

I'm sure the school will rise bigger and better, best wishes from concerned Leyland parents.

The Derry Family

St Mary's is more than a high school, it is part of a wonderful community, part of our family history. The sense of togetherness shown at the mass yesterday, and the fact we could share a smile when singing This Little Light of Mine, proves we will overcome and be stronger in doing so. Our best wishes to all,

From the Methodist Church community in Leyland, by Rev. Phil Gough

The St. Mary’s Technology College and Church Community have been very much in the thoughts and prayers of all our Methodist Churches (incl. Leyland / Midge Hall) and our Methodist Schools. We will continue to pray for your fantastic staff, pupils and families as you recover and rebuild – stronger and better. May you know God’s empowering strength and abiding peace.

Deborah Allen (nee Gleave)

In life we make connections with people and places and some of those connections can never be broken because they are so strong. Leyland St Marys has that strong connection with so many past and present pupils, their families, staff and the community. I left school in 1988 and now live in Australia, I felt so sad to hear about the fire but I am in no doubt that St Marys will be great again.

Chase Family

We were absolutely devastated by the destruction of our wonderful school, which has educated generations of our family. What was more upsetting, was watching all the love, care and sheer hard work of all your committed staff, going up in smoke. However, we are comforted to know that it is this existing, caring, compassionate ethos that will build an even stronger St Mary’s High School. Pupil’s positive comments are testament to the nurturing they have received by everyone involved in the school and church.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all, and should you need any helpers, we will be willing volunteers!

God Bless

Alan Simpson

I am a previous pupil of the school and would just like to say all the best for the future in getting this fantastic school back up and running.

Even though its coming up to 9 years since I was a pupil I still remember everything about the school and how great it was being a pupil.

All the staff at St Bede’s Catholic Primary School

To all the dedicated staff and pupils

Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.

We all wish you strength and courage.

From Jen and the team at Forster Dean Solicitors, Preston

Hoping that from this tragedy springs an improved school both in terms of a physical building and the strength love, determination and friendship of the staff , pupils and wider community. Am delighted that the Head has sought to keep the school together – onwards and upwards!

Ann Kendall

As a former pupil at St Mary's (1986-1991) I was saddened to hear about the recent fire at the school and the huge disruption it has caused. I have very fond memories of my time at the school which served me and my three siblings very well. I know there is an excellent community spirit within the school, the parish, the town and within surrounding towns which will no doubt be a huge help in the upcoming months. It is great to hear that plans have already been put into action to ensure the school can continue to do what it has always done which is educate, support and inspire its pupils. Good luck as you embark on a challenging but rewarding new chapter.

Bev & Debbie

Both myself and my sister attended Leyland St Mary's many years ago now (class of 99 and 95) and were both so saddened at the news of the fire. Our feelings particularly went to the new students starting high school for the first time. We are so glad the school is going to reopen and the actions of these youths has not ruined the spirit of Saint Mary's but have infact by the looks of it made it stronger. Well done Leyland St Mary's!!!

Katrina Knight.

Sending out love and support to all the amazing staff and students of Leyland St Mary's CTC. A fantastic school which I loved teaching Science at last year. In my thoughts and prayers always

From the Staff and Pupils at SS Peter & Paul’s Primary, Mawdesley

We continue to offer our thoughts and prayers to everyone at LSM as you work hard to move forward after this tragic event. LSM is part of our school family and we know that before too long there will be fresh life and renewed enthusiasm. Wishing you every blessing as you begin to organise accommodation and resources for the new school year; may you find plenty of strength and get lots of rest. We know that you spirit will remain strong and you will be ready to face the challenges ahead. ‘With God on our side, who can be against?’